NW 54th & Foxboro new

After hearing concerns from representatives of the Green Meadows West Homeowners Association about the potential effects of building a road extension from Birchwood Crossing to Foxboro Road, City officials hosted an informational meeting on June 7. The meeting agenda included an overview of the history of the project, a presentation from Foth Infrastructure and Environment on the traffic study related to the project, zoning plans for the area and comments from Timber Ridge elementary school staff about safety issues at the NW 54th Ave crossing.

A large number of residents were in attendance to express their concerns Рprimarily about potential increased traffic on Foxboro. The road extension is an important prerequisite to further commercial development at Birchwood Crossing and for additional housing development northeast of Birchwood and adjacent to Timber Ridge. The alignment with Foxboro Road has already been approved by the City Council.

Plans for this road extension have been in process for many years, and it is time to move forward. The City Council will consider the issue again at a future meeting. In the meantime, Johnston officials have created a web page to provide Johnston residents and business owners with access to documents related to the Foxboro Extension proposal.

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