The Johnston Economic Development Corporation hosted a virtual candidate forum on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 to provide the Johnston community with an opportunity to meet the four candidates running for the open city council seat. Because there are more than two candidates running for the position, the City will hold a primary election on Tuesday, May 25, 2021. The primary election will determine which two candidates will be on the ballot for the special election being held on June 22, 2021.

The candidates, all of whom participated in the virtual event, are as follows:

  • Bryan Burkhardt
  • Jim Gorsche
  • Adam Haar
  • Brei Johnson

On behalf of the Johnston Economic Development Corporation, we wish to sincerely thank the candidates for a constructive, civil and informative discussion.

The video of the candidate forum has now been posted for public access. Select the button below to view the full video. If anyone is interested in learning more about specific topics, use this time log to fast forward to those items.

  1. Introductions – 1:06
  2. Opening Statements – 6:28
  3. Why are you running? – 17:55
  4. What one thing do you want to accomplish? – 26:45
  5. What is your strategy for economic development? – 34:32
  6. Tax Increment Financing – 43:24
  7. Your Johnston City SWOT Analysis – 50:41
  8. City’s Carbon Footprint – 1:01:19
  9. Role of Police Departments – 1:09:13
  10. Broadband Telecommunications – 1:19:22
  11. Closing Statements – 1:27:41
  12. Thank you and Closing – 1:34:45

Learn more about the special election and voting locations here.