NW 54th & FoxboroIn a community survey completed in 2013, residents indicted that the highest priority for the city is to improve the traffic flow for the community. As the Johnston Community continues to grow the congestion on the existing road systems also increases. Over the years the city has been approached by property owners regarding a road connection from NW 54th avenue to Birchwood Court. The road extension is important for future development in the area.

During their work session on August 3, 2015 the Johnston City Council discussed the road connection. Additional traffic would be created with new developments in the Birchwood area. A traffic study indicated that the connection of a road from NW 54th Avenue to Birchwood Court would reduce traffic congestion on the intersection of NW 86th Street and Birchwood Court.  The likely alignment of the Birchwood road extension would be with Foxboro Road, creating a four-way intersection . The City Council approved the construction of a public road from NW 54th Avenue to Birchwood Court at their meeting on September 8th.

The Council is now set to consider a resolution for a public hearing to be held on October 5, 2015. The purpose of the hearing would be to consider action to condemn a portion of certain properties which would enable the City to acquire the necessary easements for the road extension.

Click here for more information on the road alignment, and click here for information about the proposed condemnation public hearing.