At their meeting on May 11th, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved a PUD amendment to Birchwood Crossing to amend allowed uses and signage to Parcel D of the PUD Master Plan. The PUD amendment will allow for the construction of an approximately 25,000 square foot building which would be home to Bison Motorcycle and apparel, the authorized Indian Motorcycle dealer for the Des Moines metro area.

Due to the proposed project the City of Johnston requested an updated traffic impact study to analyze the traffic impact on NW 86th Street at Birchwood Court and NW 54th Avenue. The provisions of an additional access route from Birchwood Court to NW 54th Avenue & Foxboro Road was also analyzed.

Based on the Traffic Study Foth provided the following improvement recommendations. The first recommendation includes extending Birchwood Court to NW 54th Avenue and Foxboro Road. With this connection, traffic circulation within the study will allow the intersection of NW 86th Street & Birchwood Court to function at an acceptable Level of Service. The second recommendation is to align the extension on Birchwood Court to NW 54th Avenue with Foxboro Road. The traffic circulation shown within this study is centered upon this alignment.

Follow the link below for more information on the Birchwood Crossing Traffic Study.
Birchwood Traffic Study