The City of Johnston is preparing to update the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, which would aptly be renamed the Thrive 2040 Plan. 

A comprehensive plan is a broad statement about the community, looking approximately 20 years ahead. It includes specific goals (and strategies to achieve those goals) based on the growth of the City. The plan consists of performance measures and targets to help determine if goals are met, which is where community member engagement is encouraged and needed. The City last prepared a comprehensive plan in 2010, known as the Johnston 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

“As our community continues to grow, we need to ensure we are planning in a meaningful way,” said David Wilwerding Community Development Director. “A key part of the process is engaging the community in a dialogue about the future and enabling the community to weigh in on future directions. The Thrive 2040 Plan is a way for residents to provide input on what they would like to see within their community. Their voice matters on how we grow, and as we move our community forward.”

To kick off the Thrive 2040 process, the “Thrive 2040 Report Card,” was prepared in order to assess the City’s current standings and needs going forward. The Thrive 2040 Report Card provides a quick overview of various trends, statistics and changes occurring within the community, Additionally, it includes local measurements spanning eight topic areas regarding what makes the City of Johnston, its residents and its businesses thrive. Information here will prompt questions and discussions aimed at community members in order to create a more thriving Johnston now and through 2040. The Thrive 2040 Report Card is available at  

For the initial round of community participation, the City has established an online engagement platform that will allow residents to offer thoughts and suggestions from the comfort of their homes, their offices, local coffee shops, etc. Providing input will allow City staff to see what is unique and exciting, areas of concern, impactful changes, and where residents see Johnston in 20 years.

Please visit, to participate in one, two, or all three easy ways: Share Your Thoughts, Show Us What Thrives, and Tell Us More. Residents can also share feedback by using a mapping tool, which includes the ability to upload photos of their favorite areas of Johnston, or by completing a short (approximately 10 minutes) survey.

Feedback will be compiled and used to provide direction on the development of the Thrive 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The goal of this process is to ensure the future plan represents the diverse spectrum of Johnston residents.