With a variety of key projects moving forward, the City of Johnston is seeing growth in commercial, residential and industrial development. 

Shoppes at Roughwood

A public hearing for a development agreement concerning the Shoppes at Roughwood  will be held by the Johnston City Council on June 17, 2019. The draft development agreement describes a multi-phase plan beginning with Parcel A, a 15,750 square foot commercial/retail building on the corner of NW 54th Ave. and NW 86th Street in Johnston. Travelers can observe that earth work has started in the area. This would be followed by the construction of a mixed-use building made up of approximately 70 residential housing units, 12,500 square feet of commercial/office space, and potentially a Green Roof – to be located in Parcel B south of the first commercial building. This component involves the acquisition of some property currently within the public right of way on NW 53rd Place. Plans call for a 6,000 square foot commercial/office building on the remaining Parcel C to the west at a later time.

One of the City’s objectives for the development agreement is to secure at least one full-service, sit-down restaurant as well as high-quality retail business for the initial building.

Bright Trust Area

At their meeting on May 6, 2019, the Johnston City Council initiated a public hearing concerning a proposed modification to the Comprehensive Land Use plan and a request for rezoning for the property held by the Bright Family Foundation.

A preliminary layout shows how the single family and medium density multi-family units would be placed in the proposed zoning areas. There were some discussions about the density of the housing units and the configuration of open space that led to the continuance of the public hearing to the May 20, 2019 Council meeting. Watch for further developments.

ACCO Development Agreement

ACCO, located at 5300 NW 55th Avenue (more commonly observed from Johnston Drive near the Trestle to Trestle trail) is planning to construct a new 10,800 square-foot, one-story, metal building to be used as warehouse and office space. The published estimated construction value of the building, to be completed by January 1, 2020, is approximately $1,000,000.

A development agreement with the City will be the subject of a public hearing to be held at the next Johnston City Council meeting on May 20, 2019. Economic development grants of about $69,000 may be awarded to the company upon satisfactory completion of the project. The company would commit to employ at least thirty employees for the duration of the five-year development agreement.