For many years there has been growing anticipation about what developments might occur in the 120 acres which is north of the new Johnston High School and bounded by NW 70th Ave. The picture is getting more clear as representatives of the Bright Family Foundation have petitioned the City of Johnston to rezone the property from A-R, Agriculture Reserve Zoning District to a combination of commercial and residential uses.

The Planning and Zoning Commission has recommended approval of this rezoning request, and the City Council has set a public hearing to consider the plan on May 6, 2019. In conjunction with the zoning change, an update to the Johnston 2030 Comprehensive Plan future land use map will be considered, resulting in the following future land use classifications in the area by NW 100th Street and NW 70th Avenue: approximately 57 acres of low density residential development, approximately 37 acres of medium density residential development, and approximately 30 acres of commercial development adjacent to NW 70th Avenue.

Adopted in December 2010, the current Johnston 2030 Comprehensive Plan serves as a road map for future development opportunities in the community. In recent years the comprehensive plan for this specific area has been amended incrementally to incorporate plans for residential developments and commercial buildings, as well as the the Johnston High School campus. The City is now preparing to engage in a larger-scale review of the comprehensive plan in the coming months. For more information about the next steps for the Johnston Comprehensive Plan, see our previous post on the topic.