The concept plan for the proposed Johnston Town Center has been refined, as shown in this illustration prepared by JEDCO member Confluence in service to the City of Johnston and in collaboration with fellow JEDCO member Hansen Real Estate Services.

Hansen was selected as the Developer for the Town Center project. The graphic shows how a new City Hall and various businesses and community amenities would be positioned on the site.

According to the Development Agreement recently approved by the Johnston City Council, a Lease Purchase transaction will be implemented for the construction of a new City Hall, public plaza, parking and other infrastructure required to service them. The inherent nature of a public-private partnership requires the parties to understand their mutual responsibilities and the time frame for completing various steps. This includes some important actions to convey property, provide financing and to build infrastructure. For example, the City has committed to substantially complete work on the intersection of NW 62nd Avenue and Merle Hay Road by December 31, 2020.

This objective needs to be achieved in order to enable other developments on the site itself. If plans proceed as scheduled, Johnston may also have a new City Hall by the end of 2020.

Watch for further updates, as these development plans will likely be further refined as they mature.