camp dodge

A large number of Johnston residents drive past the front gate of Camp Dodge along NW 70th Avenue on a daily basis. Those Johnston residents and many Central Iowans are aware of Camp Dodge, but they may not fully appreciate the economic impact it has on both the City of Johnston and Central Iowa as a whole. Dave Swenson with Iowa State University Department of Economics recently prepared a study that measures the economic impact of state and federal government operations located at Camp Dodge. Below is an overview of his findings.

  • Camp Dodge is home to 1,184 jobholders, both military and civilian, who earned collectively $77.86 million in labor income in 2013.
  • The facility attracted nearly 385,000 visitors for training or instruction. Those visitors were estimated to spend $35.4 million on retail and services in central Iowa during their stay.
  • The facility required construction activities as well as purchases of equipment. Combined capital development or accumulation at the facility was $7.9 million in fiscal 2013.

Additional summary information about the study is included in the presentation materials for the recent Johnston Economic Development Forum.  You can download the slide deck (see the companion post about the Forum), or follow the link below to review the full study.
The Regional Economic Impact of Camp Dodge