NW 54th and 100th

As plans for a new 100th Street interchange off of Interstate 35/80 develop, it has become clear that the future development of the area north of the interstate is of interest for many people. In this area the communities of Urbandale, Grimes and Johnston meet. NW 54th Avenue and 100th Street intersect in this area and will receive improvements in the coming year.

On December 21, 2015 the Johnston City Council approved a resolution endorsing the award of the construction contract to Concrete Technologies of Urbandale, IA. Concrete Technologies presented the lowest of seven bids considered for the construction of the road.

In addition to road improvements at NW 54th and 100th, a resolution to award a construction contract for the NW 70th Avenue Improvements project was approved. The City Council selected Alliance Construction of Grimes, Iowa to complete all of the construction work on 70th Avenue for $7,361,434.50. For more information on these road improvements see the attachments below.