The Johnston City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission have taken several actions recently in support of developments in Johnston.

  • Initiated an ordinance amendment to allow for some additional activities in the Birchwood Crossing PUD. Specifically, the Industrial Commerce Park District uses would be permitted for Parcel D located on the eastern edge of the development. More specifically, outdoor storage would be allowed as a use at 7901 Birchwood Court – with requirements for screening and placement.
  • Approved a site plan submitted by SETPOINT Mechanical Solutions for the construction of an 8,861 square foot office/warehouse building at 8951 Thomas Avenue in Windsor Office Park. The site is adjacent to AKC Marketing and will also be a neighbor to Impact7G.
  • Awarded a $2.76 million contract for the construction of the NW Beaver Drive overlay. The project would resurface NW Beaver Drive from Merle Hay Road to NW 48th Street, and would include a 10 foot wide shared use path along the northeast side of NW Beaver Drive from Merle Hay Road to the intersection with NW 66th Avenue.