The City of Johnston has more than 38-miles of recreation trails and more are on the way.

Plans for a new trail on Pioneer Parkway are in development. A public information meeting was held April 24, 2019 to gather input on various options for configuring the trail. The apparent community preference for the trail is a shared side path along the west/south side of Pioneer Parkway from NW 62nd Avenue to Merle Hay Road. The trail would be 10 feet wide and allow for 2 feet of clear width on either side.

You can download the presentation made to the Johnston City Council on May 6, 2019 here, along with a description of input received at the April 24, 2019 information meeting.

The Next Phase

The trail would expand into existing Pioneer Parkway right-of-way and on some private properties to avoid as many existing trees as possible. Property owners will be engaged in the process in order to mitigate any potential impacts on existing trees or private properties. Some trees will need to be removed, but it is believed that replacement trees placed in alternative locations will add to the diversity of trees in the community and reduce risks associated with issues such as the Emerald Ash Borer.

JEDCO member Foth Infrastructure is the engineering firm tasked with preparing the final design for the trail.

Trestle To Trestle Detour Planned

Polk County, the City of Johnston and the Iowa Department of Transportation have agreed to team up and construct a detour for the Trestle to Trestle trail in Johnston.

The Trestle bridge crossing Beaver Creek was destroyed by flooding earlier this year. Plans are being developed to replace the bridge, but that isn’t expected to happen until the fall of 2020, if not later.

Detour Plans call for the use of marked shoulders on Johnston Drive from the north trail connection. The route would head east to NW Beaver Drive, and then south. A marked shoulder would be available on both sides of Beaver Drive. At the intersection of Johnston Drive and Beaver Drive, trail users will be able to cross Beaver Drive at the traffic signal. Polk County will be re-striping the bridge to create a trail on the shoulders on both sides of the bridge over I-35/80, as well as paving the shoulder on the east side of Beaver Drive, south of the bridge. According to the City of Johnston, this detour should be available for use very soon.

Thanks to Polk County, the Iowa DOT and the City of Johnston for pooling resources and energy for the good of the community.

Walking and biking trails aren’t the only paths being created.

The Beaver Creek water trail advanced a step further recently with the City’s acceptance of a gift from Corteva. At their meeting on May 6, 2019, the City officially accepted the gift of property located near the intersection of NW 70th Ave. and NW 86th Street – the location of the water trail access. The City will be responsible for constructing the trail access and a fence for segregating the access area from the Corteva research fields.

This new water trail will enhance recreational opportunities in Johnston, but also contribute to the Capital Crossroads regional water trails initiative. The Greater Des Moines Partnership and Capital Crossroads recently announced the creation of the Central Iowa Water Trails Incubator. Several JEDCO member organizations are represented on the Board of Directors including Knapp Properties, Hubbell Realty, and MidAmerican Energy. Click here for more information.