MetroNet facilitated a community meeting on Wednesday, February 17, to answer any questions surrounding the development and installation of MetroNet fiber optics in the City of Johnston. Here are some of the important topics discussed during the meeting:

MetroNet began construction efforts in the City of Johnston in December 2020. Residents were made aware that there are a series of communication alerts that residents will receive from MetroNet before they come to their area for installation.

    • A letter letting residents know that they will be coming to their area in the next 30 days and what to expect. 
    • A construction postcard, notifying the resident of construction in the area. 
    • An easement flyer notifying residents that they may need to enter onto private property to get to the easement. 
    • An underground utilities flyer. which encourages the residents to let MetroNet know of any underground utilities in their yards, so they can avoid damaging those when digging.

Johnston residents can find out when they are coming to their neighborhood by checking out the interactive map on their website. The map represents MetroNet’s first set of planned construction areas. Additional planned construction areas will be added on an ongoing basis as their plans develop. MetroNet offers fiber television technology, high-speed Gigabit Internet, and local and long distance phone service. They have a variety of different packages to meet residents needs. To learn more about their services and pricing, click here to visit their website. For those who choose to pre-sign with one of their plans, they will be first to be installed when MetroNet starts construction in their area.

MetroNet will have permanent people stationed in the area (technicians and a storefront). Employees will follow COVID-19 Precautions during the installation process. All workers will wear masks, gloves, disposable booties (if entering your house), sanitize their equipment between jobs, social distance, and sanitize areas that might have been touched after finishing the job.

Watch this video from the City of Johnston to learn more!