Corteva Agriscience and John Deere Financial have long been important figures in the agriculture industry, but they may now be more important than ever as we endure this pandemic. Not only does our food supply depend on companies like these two JEDCO members, headquartered right here in Johnston, but these companies have also both been going above and beyond to take extra measures to remedy COVID-19. As essential businesses, here are some of the many generous deeds Corteva Agriscience and John Deere Financial are taking part in.

Corteva has joined forces with MercyOne in order to increase testing for COVID-19. Corteva has in-house genetic screening technology and trained employees to help these efforts. The testing will have an initial focus local to Iowa but in time may have the ability to spread beyond Iowa borders.

“I am so proud of the members of our team who conceived this initiative and are driving its execution,” said Neal Gutterson, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Corteva Agriscience. “Our people have tremendous heart and are extraordinarily dedicated to making a difference in their communities; this is one of many great examples of that. We are honored to collaborate with one of Iowa’s leading healthcare systems to help address this important need.”

MercyOne President and CEO Bob Ritz reiterated that increasing testing capabilities for COVID-19 is critical for both the population’s health and our nation’s ability to reopen the economy.

Corteva is also offering 0% financing on herbicides to farmers and ranchers who may be experiencing hardships during these times. Providing benefits to farmers and ranchers affected by the virus helps ensure the flow of our food supply.

Similarly, John Deere Financial is encouraging its customers to contact them for necessary financial support related to COVID-19. They are also helping local hospitals and utilizing in-house capabilities to fight the virus.

John Deere uses 3D printing technology in their facilities, but they have since put them to use for their local communities during the pandemic. Employees have engineered 3D printing designs to create face shields and no-touch door openers. They have made the designs public to share with other companies with similar capabilities for public well-being.

Along with other protective eyewear previously owned by the company, John Deere has donated this personal protective equipment to doctors and nurses local to Iowa and in Illinois on the frontlines fighting the coronavirus. As a company, they have also initiated a 2-for-1 match to employee donations to local food banks and the American Red Cross.

JEDCO is proud to have membership from companies like Corteva Agriscience and John Deere Financial located in Johnston that are helping our communities through times of hardship. It is wonderful to see that they are not only taking measures to keep our food supply running during this pandemic, but they are also taking the extra steps to use their own property, technology, and money for the greater good to fight COVID-19.