Kum&Go Location

In October of 2013 the City Council approved the site plans and preliminary plat for the construction of a new Kum & Go convenience store. At that time they chose to delay the development of the store to revise their plans to reflect a new prototype store model. The new plans and reconstruction of the current Kum & Go store on the corner of NW 86th Street and Birchwood Court was proposed at the Johnston Planning and Zoning Commission meeting held on Monday, July 27. The Commission approved the site plan, preliminary plat and final plat for a 6,167 square foot convenience store which will include retail fuel sales. The current Kum & Go store at 5225 NW 86th Street will be removed to make space for the new store. Parcel A Lot 3 and Lot 6 of Birchwood Crossing Plat 1 would be combined into a single lot to make space for the new building.

The site will continue to use the entrance drives off of Birchwood Court, and the private drive between Kum & Go and Okoboji Bar and Grill. The applicant had proposed a new right-in, right-out access from NW 86th Street. Foth Infrastructure conducted a traffic study as part of the site plan review process in 2013. Foth concluded that the site plans submitted in 2013 would have minimal impacts to northbound traffic in the study area. According to Kum & Go the current site has averaged 1,069 customers per day over the past year. After reconstruction they project that their customers per day will increase to 1,737 in the first year.