JohnstonCommonsBrownstonesHubbell Realty Company has advanced plans for expanding Johnston Commons Brownstones, subdividing 3.3 acres into thirty-one (31) townhome lots and one outlot. The property is located south of NW 70th Avenue and west of Northglenn Drive.


WestPrairieTownhomesAmendedSitePlanAn amended Site Plan and Preliminary Plat for West Prairie Townhomes has also been submitted for review. The amendment would allow for some larger units and a number of single family detached units throughout the development.  The total number of units would be reduced from 63 to 55. The property is located east of NW 96th Street and north of NW 54th Ave.

Both plans were approved by the Johnston Planning & Zoning Commission at their meeting on 9/29/14. Additional information about each project has been posted in the Grow Johnston Library under Housing Projects.