HighSchoolSitePlanAThe site plan for the new Johnston High School advanced through the review process at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on May 12, 2014.  Johnston Schools officials are preparing to begin the construction bidding process, and City approval of the site plan is required.

The predominant topic of discussion was whether the site plan provided for adequate parking.  Concerns were expressed that if there are insufficient spaces, then student parking could spill over into adjacent neighborhoods.  In the illustration above the shaded area (lower left) shows where additional parking could be constructed.  However, school officials may need to balance the cost of additional parking with other facility needs.  It may all depend on the project costs which are determined when bids are opened and contracts are awarded.

Another topic of interest is the possibility of two roundabouts (also shaded) which may be located at the east entrances on 100th street.  The Commission approved the plat and site plan with a requirement that additional parking be included in the base bid.

Update:  Staff report for May 19, 2014 City Council meeting – recommending site plan approval.

For further information download the following documents which have been posted on the growjohnston.com web site.