A Q&A with Adam Plagge

Economic Development Manager for the City of Johnston

Johnston is growing and thriving. What are the most attractive benefits for bringing a development project to Johnston?

The projected growth in Johnston, in particular the NW annexation area, means a sustained increase in household demand and workforce in the region.

Regarding incentives, the City is currently offering competitive Tax Increment Financing incentives with up to a 75% rebate on property taxes for ten years for high quality development projects bringing quality employment and significant taxable valuation to key areas in Johnston.

When compared to other Greater Des Moines communities, what makes Johnston the right place for development projects?

There are many reasons to look at Johnston, particularly if your project is focused on workforce. A few include a top school system that has helped draw the most educated workforce and their families in the state to Johnston, a high-quality range of housing and parkland amenities and strong household incomes.

How is the City of Johnston working to make development in Johnston and seamless process for all involved?

The City of Johnston’s online resources for developers are some of the best in the metro. Online plan submissions and payments cut down on your drive time while interactive zoning code features and easy to use online calculators are available to help decipher site plan requirements with a click of the mouse.

These online resources can be found here. Can’t find an answer to a question online? The economic development office is happy to help steer you in the right direction, just call 515-727-7774.

How can City staff work with potential developers to explore incentives offered by the City of Johnston?

Interested developers should reach out to the City of Johnston Economic Development Department or JEDCO for an initial sit-down to explore possibilities.

Convenient, confidential feedback can also be provided through an ad-hoc Economic City Council Committee meeting prior to committing to an investment.

If a project creates an opportunity to pursue state incentives, City staff can also help advise and facilitate discussions to ensure the best possible outcome.

What are the top development opportunities currently available in Johnston, and why should developers take advantage now?

Johnston’s continued growth and high discretionary household incomes make the Johnston Town Center an attractive opportunity for businesses looking for a unique lively location that they can help shape from the start.

The NW annexation area, with enough ground to eventually house up to an additional 10,000 residents, offers a sea of opportunities for all types of development along the growing Highway 141 and 415 corridors. With infrastructure to this area currently being engineered, the area is poised for growth and now is the time to explore the opportunities.

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