The network of multi-use trails in Johnston continues to expand, and more are on the way. The Johnston City Council is now preparing plans for the possible construction of a new trail along Pioneer Parkway in Fiscal Year 2020. A public information meeting on the topic will be held on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at the Crown Point Community Center located at 6300 Pioneer Parkway in Johnston. The intent of this meeting is to share initial trail concepts with the community and to invite citizen, business and developer input. Representatives from the City and the design team will be present to listen and gather your input.

The City is working with JEDCO member Foth Infrastructure & Environment to review various concepts for trail improvements along Pioneer Parkway. While developing these options it was assumed that the general flow of users will be from the north to the south along Pioneer Parkway feeding into Terra Park, the trail along NW 62nd Avenue and the Beaver Creek Natural Resource area. A number of variables will be considered including the needs for vehicle traffic, the various abilities of different types of trail users, and the impact that construction might have on the character of Pioneer Parkway. In order to make this happen, it is clear that some trees will need to be removed. Here are some of the concepts being explored.

Alternative 1 – Shared Use Side Path
The first concept includes use of a shared side path along the west/south side of Pioneer Parkway from NW 62nd Avenue to Merle Hay Road. The trail would be 10 feet wide and allow for 2 ft of clear width on either side. The trail would expand into existing Pioneer Parkway right-of-way and on some private properties to avoid as many existing trees as possible.

Alternative 2 – Separated Bicycle Lane, On Street Bike Lane in Each Direction
The second concept would reduce Pioneer Parkway to one-lane in each direction on each side of the median. An on-street bike lane would be included in each direction and a sidewalk or trail transitions would be included in each direction as the trail approaches NW 62nd Avenue or Merle Hay Road. This would reduce the Pioneer Parkway travel width from 24-ft to 15-ft and would leave room for a 5-ft bike lane in each direction. It is suggested that with this concept that the speed limit be reduced from 35-mph to 25-mph.

Alternative 3a- Convert Lanes, Pedestrian/Bicyclist Separated from Vehicular Traffic
Alternative 3a would shift traffic to east/north lanes of Pioneer Parkway to provide one lane in each direction and convert west/south lanes of Pioneer Parkway to pedestrian and bicyclist use only. The existing median would separate the vehicles and trail users.

Alternative 3b- Remove Lanes/Create Pedestrian and Bicyclist Greenbelt
Similar to option 3a, option 3b would shift traffic to east/north lanes of Pioneer Parkway and would provide one lane in each direction. The existing west/south lanes of Pioneer Parkway could be removed to construct a pedestrian and bicyclist greenbelt corridor. The existing median would separate vehicles and trail users.

You can learn more about the project by reviewing a planning memo from JEDCO member Foth Infrastructure to City of Johnston staff, and the slide deck used for a City Council presentation on April 1, 2019. Everyone is encouraged to attend the information meeting on April 24 to share ideas and opinions.