The Johnston Comprehensive Plan Task Force met three times in recent months to review housing information and trends. Based on the review the Task Force recommended that the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council follow several guidelines when amendments to the Johnston 2030 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map are considered. At their meeting on August 10th the Planning and Zoning Commission endorsed the use of eleven factors to consider when amending the Comprehensive plan, and recommended that the City Council approve a resolution adopting the criteria.

Noting that the criteria are intended to be guidelines and not an all encompassing list of items that may be considered, the Commission approved the following items with respect to the review of future Comprehensive Plan amendments.

  1. Is there a demand in the community for the proposed use?
  2. Current supply/demand, vacancy/occupancy rates, etc.
  3. Short and long term projections for the existing and proposed uses
  4. What benefits would be generated by the proposed use as compared to the existing use? What negative impacts would be caused by the proposed use?
  5. What is the history of the property? Are there impediments to marketing/developing the site pursuant to the existing use that are unique and distinguish the site from other properties in the community? Are there any factors or criteria unique to the site or area under study that would argue for or against the proposed use?
  6. Is there or can adequate land use transitions be provided between existing uses and the proposed use? Can buffers and site design be incorporated to minimize the impact on neighboring property owners? What impact is there to existing development sight lines?
  7. What are the impacts and is there capacity on the property and within the surrounding area to support the proposed use in the following areas:
  8. Roadway network/traffic
  9. Utilities (water, sewer, storm water management)
  10. Services and amenities (typically available to support the proposed use
  11. What are the property tax implications that would result from the proposed change?

For more information on the proposed Comprehensive Plan Change Factors click here. To examine the housing information previously reviewed by the Task Force click here.