Any community’s business climate is affected by amenities that are liked and frequently used by residents and the employees who work there. It’s an intangible that has an impact on morale, attitude, and personal health. Johnston recently opened a new water trail launch and that was widely celebrated. When a treasured feature such as the Trestle bridge is destroyed by flooding, the loss is mourned. City and county officials are actively working to finalize a plan for reconstructing the bridge and enhancing it to make even more attractive. A number of design features are being explored.

Some of the design features being considered include the following:

  • Bridge entry features – Monuments or signs at the bridge entry points which might also include limestone blocks placed north of the bridge on the west side of the trail for seating
  • Bridge railing – Design options include a structure reminiscent of the Trestle Bridge or a more simple cable wire design
  • Bridge lighting – Options for lighting focus on the bridge itself, the bridge entry points, the bridge deck and the trail sections approaching the bridge
  • Safety Features – Options being considered include a solar powered emergency phone

All of the options will be considered and will take into account cost, schedule and feature priorities. The current schedule calls for the design decisions to be made soon, with some form of procurement process to choose a contractor for construction over the winter months. If all goes as planned, construction could begin in the spring of 2020. Trail users will be happy to see this community asset return. It is an important connection to the greater Des Moines trail system, and a quiet contributor to Johnston economy.