– Northwest Annexation –

In September 2018, the City of Johnston approved the annexation of 1,461 acres in the Northwest area. The annexed property includes the Beaver Creek Golf Course, a Department of the Navy Training Facility currently under construction, a portion of Camp Dodge, and six large undeveloped parcels. All of the annexed property was acquired 100-percent voluntarily from land owners, with developable land east of Highway 141 and Saylorville Drive near the mile-long bridge.

As Johnston has grown, developers have sought access to more developable land. The City of Johnston has long been included the Saylorville Drive area in Johnston’s Comprehensive Plan in order to prepare for the future needs of the growing community.

While this most recent land annexation will have a dramatic impact on the landscape of Northwest Johnston, two other notable changes Northwest Johnston have already begun to make waves: the recent land acquisitions by Camp Dodge south of Saylorville Drive and residential development to the north of Saylorville Drive.

– Featured Properties –

Knapp Properties

Approximately 112 acres

Close proximity to Polk City

Easy access to Highway 141 & 415

Saylorville Lake amenities

Developer's Realty Group

10 Acre Site


40 Acre Site


72 Acre Site