How to Provide Comments on Proposed Land Use Categories

If you have comments about any of the land use descriptions and their characteristics and you wish to share them with the city, the recommended method is to send an email to If you feel strongly enough about a topic, you might also consider communicating with the city council. Council email addresses are posted here

If you wish to direct your comments to the members of the planning and zoning commission, you can also copy Johnston Community Development Director David Wilwerding at He will forward your comments to the commissioners.

We also encourage you to participate in the engagement process at the Thrive 2040 web site. Here’s how.

Go to the Thrive 2040 Engagement website, scroll to the middle of the page, and click on the button associated with Step 3 – “See Planned Land Use.” Or go directly to the web page that shows the overall land use map – based on the draft 2040 plan and land use categories by clicking here.

Use the + and symbols on the map (or scroll with your mouse wheel) to zoom in on an area of interest. Examine the color of the area and compare it to the legend on the right side of the screen to determine the proposed/assigned land use.

You can either express support or a concern by selecting and dragging one of two symbols that appear at the top of the map. If you want to make a positive comment, drag the “thumbs up symbol” to the area and then enter a comment. If you want to express a concern, drag the “exclamation point” symbol to the area and add your comment.

Be aware that a comment, a zip code and a valid email address are required fields if you wish to participate. The City has indicated that they will not be publishing anyone’s email if a comment is provided, but the email allows them to contact you if they have follow-up questions. Be sure to review the terms and conditions and to check the box.

One last note – we encourage you to review the comments posted by other people. Use the like/dislike symbols to provide a quick reaction. You may not be used to online engagement, but this is the way it’s done. If you don’t participate – your voice may not be heard.


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